Branch Items For Loan

We have some items which can be taken out on loan free of charge. Please use the booking form below.

Branch Handbells

The Branch has a set of handbells.

They can be borrowed on request by experienced ringers.  These are valuable musical instruments and should only be rung by experienced handbell ringers or under the direct supervision of an experienced handbell ringer.

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Vertical Display Banner

There are two of these feather/beach flags. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They go onto a pole which then fits into a parasol-type base which you fill with water (if using outdoors) for stability.

The artwork was designed by Sue Hall from Derby and is endorsed by the Central Council.

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Bell Handling DVD

This DVD is a great resource for teachers and those learning to ring alike. It is full of useful tips and advice on ringing style and skill development.

The DVD follows the structure of ART Training Scheme Module 1 – Teaching Bell Handling. It covers some of the theory of learning a skilled activity, gives examples of proficient bell handling, demonstrates many of the common handling problems learners have and explains how to correct them. The DVD also features a major section showing a learner with no previous experience being given their first training session based on ART Training Scheme principles.

Comments from a Trainer who has watched this:

“This DVD is not devoted entirely to teaching techniques. If you have learned to ring recently, or even if not, this video provides a good checklist against which to test your own ringing style, not that we are always able to see ourselves as others see us. But of course it is intended for ringers who want to teach other people to ring. If you cannot spare the time to attend an ART course and have nobody else to guide you (or even if you have) then this video will be a great help. You might need to practice first on a friend to build up confidence, but this DVD will get you started.”

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Rising and Lowering DVD

Raising and lowering a bell is an essential skill that can be neglected, yet it is an important aspect to master – encouraging the development of good bell control, teamwork and listening & striking skills.

This DVD covers the theory and practice from raising and lowering a single bell and in peal through to leading up and down. Using clips, diagrams and graphics it demonstrates the process, how to practise and the issues you have to face to achieve success. A raise is often the first part of a public performance and a lower the last, so use this DVD to make it sound great!


“The physics of raising a bell are explained with good visuals of what is happening in the ringing room and in the belfry. A fair proportion of this video, possibly the majority, is dedicated to raising and lowering in peal – a very different task than simply raising or lowering a single bell however it is still useful to watch the first 20 minutes which is about the basics of Raising and Lowering.”

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